The Japanese began their Shinto culture in the Kojiki, as they were the first to announce the beginning of the imperial family.

Shinto was nothing much than stories before 250AD, however upon the arrival of the Kofun period the Shinto religion progressed, becoming a large clan with religious beliefs and practice which differed from area to area.

All over Japan, Shinto has infested like a disease over the thousands of years. Shrines and temples spread across the country, people from all over the world to worship the kami and their religion.

Many generations of emperors were pushed over, starting new periods, but it was all under the instructions of the Amaterasu (the sun goddess, ruler of heaven) to make Japan a better place. It was not until the Meiji period were some citizens decided that a proper government should start. Many people feud over this. The proper set up of a government did not begin until the end of WW2.

Before WW2 broke out the Japanese culture dropped their religiosity. Many small cults like religions showed up, all these new ‘religions’ were based on Shinto. So as the world came to peace, it was easy for citizens to once again put their faith into Shinto.

Now in the 21st century the Japanese imperial family is not given much power but rather to unite the people of Japan through Shinto. Shinto%203.jpg